Saturday, January 17, 2015

Video tour of s/v Terrapin

You asked for here it is, a tour of s/v Terrapin. Yes, it's  an 18 minute video of us blabbering but we tried to give you a good idea of where we live. No need to call the Emmy's, professionals we are not!


  1. OK, I have no idea if that comment posted or not!!

    I love the boat tour, your boat is so sunny and bright and cheerful! Love all the sewn accents, cubby holders, pillows, etc!! I could totally live in a space that small!! One question, when you say the sink is the shower, what does that mean????

    1. It's when the sink faucet is also your shower faucet. The sink faucet has a sprayer attached and can lift up off the sink counter to be used above your head for a shower.

  2. Love the boat and the space you have. It is amazing just how much gear you can get on a boat. I see you make good decorations out of your post it notes in the saloon. The difference without storage is that I have not got any for clothes. My wife has gradually stolen it all. Looking forward to your adventures.

  3. Hi! I just read on WWS that you are leaving very soon from San Diego to Mexico. I don't know if you have an SSB radio aboard, but if you do I would encourage you to check in the two morning nets for weather info and to give those of us in Mexico the means to track your position as you make your passage.There are two morning nets, the Amigo Net, and the Sonrisa Net. The Amiga nets runs daily starting at 14:00 Zulu time on 6227.0 USB frequency. The Sonrisa Net begins at 14:30 Zulu on 3968.0 LSB frequency. My husband and I are net controllers along with a lot of other volunteers, and hope you will participate for safety reasons, for weather info, and to get to know other cruisers in Mexico. For the Amigo Net you just need to check in with your boat name and ships license. For the Sonrisa net you are required to have a Ham licence, however, in an emergency you can sign in to either net, licensed or not, and everyone will do everything they can to help. We look forward to meeting you and Bienvenidos a Mexico!

    Diane Emigh (husband is Terry)
    sv Harmony (Anacortes, WA)
    currently at anchor in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, mainland Mexico, near Puerto Vallarta

  4. Diane,

    We'll be using our SSB to check in the morning nets. Looking forward to the Amigo Net.

    Thank you!
    Terrapin Crew

  5. I just watched your video and it looks wonderful! Signed up for your blog, also. Be safe and happy sailing! Nancy

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