Wednesday, December 17, 2014

40,000 pounds of fury

Sorry that we have not updated the blog in a while.  Things around here have been crazy around here as we are coming down to 5 weeks until we head south!

As many people have asked what our home looks like, we will be posting our first video featuring a tour of where we live. Soon you'll be able to see for yourself our mature, big boned, fun loving Terrapin, also referred to as the "Turd Pin" by my cousin.

Friends and family that have seen Terrapin in person are usually taken back by her size. 

Our beloved SV Terrapin isn't  exactly that young, busty blonde at the end of the bar.  Nope. She's a bit more mature in age and fills out her plus size outer wear. Don't get us wrong, she's not quite that mothball smelling grandma with dried milk in her mustache you're trying to avoid. No...not that bad. She's a bit more of a Mrs. Doubtfire. Looks can be deceiving. Underneath it all she's young at heart and ready to take this family for a trip of a lifetime.  For her exact specs look here.

Loaded down with sailing essentials and a few hundreds pounds of toys, we are literally one rocking chair placed on the bow away from looking like the Beverly Hillbillies.

There's no way anyone will not see us entering port.

I keep envisioning port authority boarding up within a nanosecond of spotting our floating awesomness and flipping on their "Closed" sign.

With the new stereo system and speakers in place you'll be able to hear us long before you spot us. Consider this a favor.

Finally, all new fabric on the settee. Back in June we started the process of recovering the settee with new fabric. A painful process that involved my mom's hairdresser / "upholstery guy".  Or not! Several months later and too much money spent to count, we fired him!  If you're in San Diego looking for a fantastic, family-owned upholstery shop that delivers totally awesome work call  Hillcrest Upholstery.


  1. She is beautiful!
    Once you leave the USA and the land of the weekend cruisers you'll see that most of the boats are voluptuous like yours.

    www.svgoodasgold. ca

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    1. Michael,

      Thank you for adding our blog! We've added the link to our blog. Happy to see you've added those who travel by boat.

      Terrapin Crew

  3. I love reading your blog because of the way you write. Always amusing and informative. Have an amazing 2015 and always keep a beer in the fridge for me. Us liveaboards tend to come across each other somewhere or other.
    Keep on blogging.