Sunday, September 7, 2014

Southern California. Yeah, even our dogs know how to surf!

"Hey mom, think we can go watch the dog surf contest this weekend?"

   "We'll see, maybe" translation; Fat Chance

So many time our kids ask to go places, see things to which our typical response is "we'll see" (thank you Stacey Teague for this one!).  This weekend was different.  Part of our transition to liveaboard status was to rehome our dogs. It's apparent that all four of us are missing our golden retrievers Hula and Harrison. There isn't a golden retriever within a 5 mile radius we don't know about. If ever we're out in public and we see a dog, it's an instant beeline with the four of us competing for who gets to first ask permission then pet the pooch. We're a pathetic bunch around dogs.  A trip to Del Mar to watch dogs surf? We're there!

Our favorite dog of the day. She surfs backwards.

Totally biased we're  certain that the golden retrievers won all awards to be had

Only a So Cal dog would know how to "Hang 10"

Pretty cool to watch each dog and their "team" compete.

For some reason while watching dogs surf, I couldn't help but think of the children's book "Go Dog Go.'

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