Friday, August 29, 2014

Wish they all could be California girls

After a few summers in South Carolina with Nana and Pop paddling up rivers and creeks on SUP's (stand up paddleboards), the girls have said they really want SUP's for our cruising adventure. Like many "toys" we added SUP's to the list.

That was until today !

California girls + surfboards = perfect match

We've talked about learning to surf during our cruising adventure and how we'd like to pick up an extra board or two.  Today changed all that as both our girls wanted to try surfing "just to see" how it felt.
 This is Emma's first wave. Got up, surfed and was ready for more! 

After prying the surfboard out of Emma's hands it was time to give Jessica a try. Love at first sight! That's it....SUP what? No sup'ing way we're wasting room on our boat for SUP's....surfboards, all the way!

With a borrowed board from a friend in town each, Gidget got her own board for the day. Hours went by as they each took turns riding the waves and showing off their new moves.  They couldn't always agree on which was the perfect wave but we did settle that Jessica wants her very own pink board and Emma's ready for her own blue surfboard. 

Even the Old Farts (read: Phil) got a piece of the action. So that settles it....I (Aimee) don't have to feel like I'm settling for a SUP. Although they provide a great workout (as does surfing) they look boring as all get out.

Surfs up...this family's ready to ride!

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