Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Suck it West Marine

Anyone who owns a boat or knows a sucker than owns a boat most often knows that boat is simply an acronym for "Bring Out Another Thousand".  While provisioning for our maiden voyage I can't help but think this b.o.a.t., is sponsored in part by West Marine.  West Marine, where the same exact items selling down the street for a reasonable asking price are grossly overpriced.

"But these toothpicks are designed to effortlessly pick the freshly caught tuna out of your  porcelain veneers, hence why we are asking a mere $2 per toothpick. You do own a boat don't you?"

For the common folk, West Marine can leave you not knowing wether to scratch your head or your ass first while feverishly searching for the exit.  West Marine is where money goes to die! It's been with pleasure for us to seek out what we need elsewhere. Don't feel like paying $30 for a kill switch attached to a lanyard, look on eBay. You'll find two with 6 different heads for a whooping $12 bucks.

Need some nylon cord with 1350 lbs tensile strength but don't feel like taking out a home equity line of credit? Head on over to your local army/ navy supply and pick some up for pocket change. It's amazing that something used for "boating" is wallet draining, yet that same item used for "camping" is chump change.

For all you high falutin yachties, "camping" is when the average American heads out into nature to sleep in their own filth, eat meals out of cans and roast "wienies" on sticks. (The revolting thought alone makes you want to clutch your freshwater pearls, I know).

Our score of the day were two adult sized offshore automatic inflatable life with harness and as an added bonus, they both came with rearming kits. Laymans Terms...we bought awesome life vests that automatically blow up when they hit water, as in the case of someone falling overboard.  Both were less than the price of one. Score one for the Nance's, nothing for West Marine today.  But alas, we're sure the day will come when we are without and left with only one exorbitantly expensive option, till then, suck it West Marine.

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  1. Across in the UK places which sell boat stuff are known as "swindlery's" for good reason. We have been sailing for 4 years now and avoid them when ever we can. Sometimes you cannot and you know you are going to have to sell another kidney just to get a stainless steel screw. Welcome to the world of boating.