Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sailing and Sewing

In preparation for the sail down to San Diego, Captain Phil and First Mate Ken Dog went to Alameda to work on the boat.  Radar needed to be installed,  the outboard needed to be tested (it works!) and the autopilot is still creating havoc.

Meanwhile, I attempted to show the girls how to sew an "easy" to make skirt.

Today's sewing lesson was on their Great Great Grandmothers Singer sewing machine. This sewing machine was given to my mom on her wedding day by her grandma.  The girls had picked out their own fabric and were eager to learn....just after a few YouTube refresher videos of how to thread and properly place the bobbin. It's been some time since I used this little gem.

 It's small, compact and easy to use. Unfortunately as "cute" as it is, it's not sea worthy and won't be going with us. Till we part ways I'll be using the sewing machine to make various needed items for the boat.

I hate to even admit how long it took me to make Jessica's skirt, incorrectly. Thankfully Emma's skirt took only a fraction of the time it did to make Jessica's and the finished product was less embarrassing. I'm starting to think my sewing abilities match my lacking culinary skills. Susie homemaker I am not.

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